Nobilis Dracula Shiraz Red Wine 2013 limited edition

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With its dark ruby color, this wine distinguishes itself through an intense spiced bouquet of black pepper, red pepper, black berries, and fine traces of eucalyptus and vanilla. It tastes silky, flavored with black currants, blackberries and well ripped blueberries.

The discrete spice and vanilla scents, along with the fine tannins, give to this wine complexity and elegance. It may be associated with steaks, lamb or duck dishes, or with blue cheese.

  • Vintage: 2013
  • Variety: Shiraz
  • Appelation: DOC-CMD
  • Residual sugar: Dry
  • Oak aging: Aged for 4 months in Romanian oak barell
  • Alcohol: 13,5%vol




Watching her own image reflecting in the glass of wine, she recalls everything like it was yesterday: the dance, the hypnotic glance in his eye when their lips touched, and his whisper inviting her for a walk outside. She sees herself walking all again hand in hand with the Count under the round, grape vine clad dome, feeling the green sprays caressing her hair and the cold dusk wind thrilling her nostrils. As in a dream, he grabs a grape-bunch and crushes it in his hand, pouring the fresh juice on her burning lips; she feels it chilling her mouth and flowing down on her stretched neck. Bemused by the strong taste, she abandons herself in his arms.
Years after, she can still feel the strength of that mysterious grapes elixir. With each wine drop she drinks, she gets one step closer to the Count. She can almost feel his presence. She pours one more glass of Nobilis Dracula.


Home of Nobilis Dracula – Shiraz (limited edition) 2013. Dealu Mare vineyards make up the most compact Romanian viticulture area (about 14,500 hectares). The climate is temperate continental with cold winters and hot summers, with average annual solar radiation of 125 kcal/cm², average annual temperatures of 10°C heat amplitude monthly average of 24°C and an absolute magnitude of extremes over 70°C. An average of 2200 sunshine hours from which 1635 are in warm semester. The annual amount of warm and heat is over 4000 degrees. Annual rainfall is around 500-550 mm mainly in winter-spring period.