Le Maredde Shiraz

Le Maredde Shiraz

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Le Maredde Shiraz - Red Dry Wine

The color is dark red, intense and tends to garnet with age, but the pigmentation of Shiraz is a first sign to recognize: deep ink.

The bouquet is characterized by intense aromas of pepper and chocolate like few other wines in the world. Followed by blueberries, berries, currants, spices, tobacco, with a licorice, rhubarb and cocoa finish.

On the palate it is warm, sumptuous, tannic and full-bodied, broad in its expressiveness. In the mouth it is dense, you can perceive its voluminousness, but the tannins are of fine grain and the finish of plum and chocolate-mint is unmistakable.

Recognizing Shiraz wine is quite simple. With a little training you will be able to discover some recurring traits.

Food Pairing:

Given its spicy, warm and tannic nature, Shiraz is one of the best wines for grilled and bbq meat

Recommended serving temperature: +16… +20°С. Decant 1 hour.

  • Variety: Shiraz
  • Made in Italy
  • Alcohol content (vol%): 12%
  • 0.75 l