Crema Bar, 1 kg

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Crema Bar Espresso - a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Medium to dark roasted with a strong and intense body and a medium acidity.

✔ Gusta Crema Bar - a unique blend of Arabica (75%) and Robusta (25%) coffee beans

✔ 100% Authentic Italian roasted finest quality coffee beans

✔ Well rounded, aromatic blend with good creaminess and strong flavor. Low bitterness, rich aromaticity and softness to the palate, with chocolate and nutty notes. Medium-low acidity and bitterness.

✔ Origins: Colombia, Salvador, Guatemala, Brazilia, India, Kenya

✔ Suitable for all coffee makers: perfect for espresso machines, vending machines, cafetiere, Moka, pour-over drip, Aeropress, filter etc.

Perfect for espresso, cappuccino or café crème.


Packaging 1000g

Outer Carton 10x1000g